Aaron & Catherine

March 23, 2019Ruston, LA

Our Story
The Long Road Home

Aaron and Catherine met over a platter of Rice Krispy treats on a hot October day in 2009, when Aaron's (and Catherine's older brother, Scott's) football team, the Homeschool Saints, were sitting down to eat with their competitors after a game. Catherine's dastardly plan to bribe as many strapping young devils as possible to have a crush on her worked--at least, it worked on Aaron! After asking Scott, "who's that cute blonde girl over there?" and being told (in a very threatening way), "that's my sister, dude," Aaron cooled his jets and decided to let Catherine grow up a little before professing his everlasting crush.

He waited eight years.

One day, because of a Facebook post Catherine shared about her weird, interesting, quirky, sometimes contradictory personality, Aaron commented, "this makes me want to hang out with you more!" Remembering Aaron's reputation as the most respected guy on the football team, Catherine replied, "ha ha, anytime, Aaron McCloud!"

A date in City Park, complete with a conversation by the dark shores of Lake Ponchartrain, and a fateful stream of sunlight into golden eyes, and the rest is history. After two years of dating, Aaron brought Catherine back to City Park to serenade her with his violin and both of their families, and he asked her to marry him. She managed to squeak out that dangerous word, "yes!"

This Spring, Aaron and Catherine will be getting married where her parents met (and the only city she and Aaron have lived in at the same time): peachy-keen Ruston, LA.

The Wedding

Saturday, March 23, 2019
2:00 PM
Attire: Garden Tea Party
Ceremony and Reception
Meadows Manor
500 North Bonner Street, Ruston, LA, USA
A Springtime, outdoor wedding. Seating is limited, so please arrive early if you have guests with special needs! Parking is across the street in Iberia Bank lot. Picnic blankets welcome during reception.
Wedding Party

Ashley Osborne - Matron of Honor

Ashley is Catherine's oldest sister and most faithful mentor. She is married to Alex Osborne.

Katherine Peacock - Maid of Honor

KP and Cat have been nigh inseparable since they became friends through the homeschool group in Covington in about 2008.

Hannah McCloud - Bridesmaid

Hannah is Aaron's little sister (and now, Catherine's too!)

Alex Anne Hunter - Bridesmaid

Alex Anne is Catherine's sister-in-law and is married to Scott Hunter.

Emilee Keaton - Bridesmaid

Emilee is one of Catherine's friends from Tech and one of her best friends since they were roommates for the Disney College Internship during Fall semester 2017.

Marissa Bennett - Bridesmaid

Marissa is Jacob Hunter's girlfriend and Catherine's friend.

Sara Nugent - Bridesmaid

Sara is one of Catherine's closest friends from Louisiana Tech.

Haven Moore - Bridesmaid

Haven was Ashley's roommate when Ashley was at Tech, and they were each in each other's weddings the last couple of years. Haven has been a mentor and role model (and basically another sister) to Catherine for years.

Josiah McCloud - Best Man

Josiah is Aaron's older brother and longtime adventure buddy.

Taylor Melancon - Groomsman

Tay Tay is Aaron's best friend and fellow mischief-maker from kindergarten.

Alex Osborne - Groomsman

Alex is Catherine's brother-in-law, husband to Ashley, and Aaron's former co-worker from Irrigation-Mart.

Scott Hunter - Groomsman

Scott is Catherine's oldest brother and Aaron's teammate from the Homeschool Saints during their senior year.

Jacob Hunter - Groomsman

Jacob is Catherine's youngest brother (and now, Aaron's too!)

Jay Parvez - Groomsman

Jay was Aaron's study-buddy in the Engineering program at LSU.

Isaac Simeon - Groomsman

Isaac was Aaron's roommate and fellow member of Chi Alpha ministries during their years at LSU.

Lane Delafosse - Groomsman

Lane was Aaron's roommate and fellow member of Chi Alpha ministries during their years at LSU.

Parents of the Bride & Groom

James & Laurie Hunter are Catherine's parents. They met at Louisiana Tech in 1984, married in 1986, and have since been on the airplane-riddled adventure of a lifetime! They are also parents to Ashley, Scott, and Jacob.


Russell & Carol McCloud are Aaron's parents. They met at a bible study in 1981, married in 1986, and have since lived & worked in South Louisiana, ministering to their family & church. They are also parents to Josiah & Hannah.